"A must-read book for anyone who lives outside of a bubble!"


"Happiness...proceeds from the achievement of one's values."
      Ayn Rand

Why Can't You See It My Way?
Resolving Values Conflicts at Work and Home
Annette Estes, CPBA, CPVA




                   "This  is a MUST-read book for managers.
One of those
life-changing books.  Annette
has accomplished the nearly impossible by taking what could be a confusing subject and making it simple - and important - to understand."

                                        Glenn Shepard
Author of How to Manage Problem Employees and the
                                                           #1 best seller How To Be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without

and discover:

How to be happier
How to resolve conflict
How to motivate people (and yourself)
What drives you to take action
How to deal with difficult people
How to improve relationships
How to find your passion
How to become a better manager
How to hire the right people

Plus get valuable bonuses worth $350.00, and
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This eBook explores six passions that drive and motivate us:


You are likely to conflict with people who are indifferent or even hostile toward those values you cherish most.  But these differences can be overcome with understanding and a spirit of non-judgment.

If you have challenges when trying to manage conflict − or people − this book can help.  Many of our conflicts with other people − and within ourselves − are caused by differences in our attitudes, values, and beliefs.  Helping people understand their differences − and resolve them − is why I wrote my award-winning book, Why Can't You See It My Way? Resolving Values Conflicts at Work and Home, which is now a downloadable eBook.



"...a wise and usable blueprint...it will make a difference in your life."

James D. Cockman, Chairman
Sara Lee Food Service Division (deceased)

Understanding what's behind your
different attitudes is the first step in finding ways to improve your relationships.  Why Can't You See It My Way? can help you resolve conflict to build stronger relationships with everyone you know.

It's easy to read and is filled with stories and examples of values that will give you insights into who you really are and explain why you feel you can't “be yourself” with some people.

If you want to understand conflict types, you must understand values differences.  Why Can't You See It My Way? will help you create conflict resolution strategies and techniques to use at work and home.

And if knowing how to find your passion is important to you, this book will reveal your deepest attitudes, values, and beliefs – the things you must have in your life to be fulfilled.


Right now you might be asking,
“Who is Annette and why should I buy her book?”

Fair question. I'm Annette Estes. For many years I've been on a journey of self-discovery into what I should be doing with my business and my life. What I've learned is, the secret of my success lies in helping others achieve their success.

I'm a Certified Professional Behavioral and Values Analyst and Coach, a graduate of The University of the Ozarks, a graduate of CoachU, and a founding member of CoachVille and the International Association of Coaches. I'm Managing Director of The Estes Group, which is celebrating its 18th anniversary this year. I'm also an award-winning columnist and expert eZine articles author. I'm a former TV news anchor and speech and English teacher.

I've always been a “people person."  Understanding my own and others' attitudes, values, and beliefs has brought about amazing insights and improvements with relationship issues I've had (including my own internal conflict) and I'd like to share my personal success with you. One of my passions is helping you discover how to find your passion, live your fullest life, resolve conflict, and discover how to deal with difficult people.


"Knowledge is Power!  This book will empower the reader to gain control over him/herself and many situations.” 
                                   Bill J. Bonnstetter,
Founder and Chairman of the Board

                                                                                            Target Training, Intl.


What you'll discover

Here are some of the things you'll discover when reading Why Can't You See It My Way?

  • Solutions to internal conflict

  • How to find your passion

  • Resolution of conflicts between others' attitudes, values, and beliefs

  • Conflict management strategies for the workplace

  • Why some people's behavior and attitude annoy you and how to deal with difficult people

  • And much more


“...a must read book for anyone who wants to understand how their                                               attitudes interact with each other." 
Pres., Competitive Edge, Inc.
Author of Exploring Values: The Power of Attitudes


Professional Benefits

This book can be a powerful resource for:

  • Companies seeking conflict resolution strategies and techniques

  • Companies wanting to develop a more positive workplace attitude

  • Managers wanting to know how to motivate employees

  • Companies looking for an accurate employee attitude questionnaire

  • Managers who'd like to get better at doing a job performance review

  • Executives who want a better understanding of how people's attitudes, values, and beliefs impact corporate productivity

  • Executive recruiters and managers seeking to hire people who are compatible with their company's organizational values

  • Companies focused on developing leaders with good decision-making skills

“This powerful book provides understanding and solutions to conflicts in both our professional  and personal life.
It is a MUST READ BOOK for anyone who  
works with  a diverse team of people." 
ane R. Yousey,OTR/L, ACC  
                                                                  Author of A Field Guide for Families


Personal Benefits

You should have this book if:

  • You want know how to find your passion

  • You want want to know how to improve relationships with others

  • You're struggling to resolve relationship issues

  • You want to understand and relate to other people's attitudes, values, and beliefs

  • You're searching for an accurate relationship compatibility test

  • You want to avoid conflict

  • You don't know what career to choose


“An insightful book that peeks below the surface of relationship conflicts."

                                                                                Charles F. Boyd, D.Min
                                                  Author of Different Children, Different Needs


This award-winning book,
Why Can't You See It My Way? began as a published book in 2003, now in its fifth printing. You can get it right now as an eBook - just order below.

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“...gets to the heart of understanding people...can make the difference between success and failure, accomplishment and disappointment, for individuals and teams alike."

Dr. Jeffrey Graves, CEO
C&D Technologies




"...a must-read book for anyone who lives outside of a bubble! ... beautifully illustrates why even people who genuinely want to get along have such a difficult time.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get along better with just one other person."

C.B. "Cork" Mottsett,  President,  Business Development Specialists, Inc.

[Read Motsett's review on Amazon.com]

All these bonuses and
Why Can't You See It My Way? are designed to help you get what you want, resolve conflict, relieve stress, and have a more fulfilling life.



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“A Must Have book for coaches and their clients. An insightful, easy read.  It can change your life.” 

                                                                               Sandy Vilas, CEO




For every copy of Why Can't You See it My Way? we sell, we donate $1.00 to the Alzheimer's Association.  So, if you buy this book, it's a win-win-win for you, us, and those suffering from this debilitating disease.

If you don't want to buy the book, and/or if you'd like to make a larger contribution, you may make your own personal donation by going here to the Alzheimer's Association website.  This page is my tribute to my mother, Ruth Carlisle, who died on October 23, 2011, from complications of Alzheimer's disease.

My mother at age 95 and age 99


Watch this YouTube video of Alzheimer's Association Celebrity Champions

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"Your insight into the role that values play in our interpersonal relationships is fascinating.  Several times as I read through your manuscript, I found myself thinking, 'Oh yeah, that's why it is so hard to get along with those people."
                                      A religious leader who prefers anonymity


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